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At Pasadena Animal Shelter, we care about people and pets. In fact, we assist more than 7,000 animals annually. So if you need us, or if you know of an animal that needs us, help is just a phone call away at 281-991-0602.


As a function of the Pasadena Public Health Department, preventing the spread of disease is our number one mission. But we strive to achieve so much more. Our goal is to ensure that every pet we encounter stays in--or finds--a loving home. Educating pet owners  and potential pet owners ensures that loving home lasts for the lifetime of the cat or dog.


Being a pet owner is a serious responsibility. Pet owners need to provide regular veterinary care,  shelter, opportunities for exercise, quality food, mental stimulation, routine vaccinations, training, city licenses, and more. Sure, it seems like a lot. But really? It's a small price to pay for unconditional love.


When you're ready for the responsibilities and rewards of pet ownership, visit our shelter or search online for your new best friend. Click here for an adoption application, and help end a homeless pet's shelter story with "happily-ever-after."

Compassion.  Care.  Community.

Our goal is to place all adoptable shelter pets in loving, forever homes. With your help, we can.

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