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Ready to start searching for your new best friend right away? Take a look at our Facebook shelter page to get a quick overall look, or go to our Pet Harbor search tool and narrow it down to just who you have in mind. At the Pet Harbor website, enter the ZIP 77504 and when you click on the arrow, the Pasadena Shelter appears in an alphabetical list. Check the Pasadena Shelter box, choose Use This Shelter List and from there you can pick out the gender, breed, age and other traits to search.


Not quite ready to adopt but you'd like to help our animal guests anyway? Take a look at our Shelter Needs list to find many items that you may donate that will help keep our animal friends happy and healthy while they wait for their forever homes.


If you'd like to help with a monetary donation right away, please use the secure link below. 

If you have decided to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group, you should know that you are doing a wonderful thing to help homeless pets everywhere! Once you have chosen the right dog for your household, you can begin to prepare yourself and your home for the arrival of your new canine companion.


Bringing home an adult dog or older puppy from a shelter or rescue differs in many ways from bringing home a very young puppy. Each has its pros and cons. It's only fair that you should know what to expect for the first few weeks after your newly adopted dog arrives in your home. After all, the more prepared you are, the more smoothly the transition will go. Here's how to get started:


  • Make sure you have your new dog's personal area(s) all set up and dog-proofed before she comes home. She should have access to her new bed, bowls and toys.


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Adopting a DOG

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