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If so, you may view or download an application for a dog or cat on this page. Please keep in mind that the Shelter's standards of care include giving greater weight to perspective adopters who have taken the time to come in to see the animal, and that those who haven't done so may not have that animal available when they do come in. What does this mean for you?


It means you should review the questions here and be sure you are ready to commit to providing a life-long home for your chosen animal. Once you've done that, you should come in to fill out the application, or if filling out at home and faxing to us, be aware your approval is affected by the interest you show in the animal you've applied for.


If you've sent in your application but haven't bothered to come in to meet your animal, there is no guarantee we will not approve someone else who has an interest in the same animal and who has shown that level of interest. So fill out your application, fax in and then...make arrangements to meet you prospective pet and complete the process.

Fax applications to  (281) 991-6981



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